Nếu thực sự muốn bảo vệ môi trường? Hãy sử dụng túi nhựa!
Trong một thập kỷ qua, có thể nói, ngành bao bì nhựa đã nhượng bộ, nếu không muốn nói là để cho lĩnh vựa khoa học bôi nhọ bằng nhiều cách trong đó bao gồm cả việc vận dộng các tầng lớp xã hội tẩy chay không sử dụng các loại túi nhựa (Shopping bags)
Spot styrene prices gain ground in Asia, Europe
Spot styrene prices are seen tracking an upward trend both in Asia and Europe this week. Higher spot values were attributed
Asian PET markets see recovery on costs
In Asia, PET prices firmed up during this past week as offer levels gained support from higher production costs, which were lifted up by firmer crude oil prices.
Local PP prices move higher in SEA as supply tightens
Players in Southeast Asia report that local PP prices within the region have started to regain some lost ground as concerns of supply limitations along with...
Asian markets start to receive February PP, PE prices
In Asia, Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern producers started to issue their February PP and PE prices this past week...
Propylene rebounds in Asia under shadow of bearish oil
Spot propylene prices in Asia have been steadily firming up since late December after having hit a more than 5 year low...
African markets retain their soft note as prices move lower
In Africa, players started the month with lower January prices in line with the globally decreasing trend in the light of declining upstream costs
Buyers, sellers holding divergent expectations in Asian PVC markets
Buyers and sellers in Asia’s PVC markets are holding divergent expectations regarding the direction of the market as sellers argue that the market...
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